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Science, Not Prestige: UAE’s Human Spaceflight Programme Is For the Long Haul

Further to last week’s report that the UAE is in discussions with Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, about training and launching Emirati astronauts, further details have emerged out of the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) held in Adelaide, Australia, about the strategic rationale behind the UAE’s human spaceflight programme. Quoted in …

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UAE In Talks With Russia On Training Emirati Astronauts For International Space Station Missions

Russian news outlets TASS and Pravda are reporting that the UAE Space Agency and Roscosmos have held talks at the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia, about training Emirati astronauts and then launching them from Russian soil to the International Space Station (ISS) as early as 2019. Sergey …

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ISU’s 30th Space Studies Program Kicks Off in Cork Ireland

Dr. Omar Hatamleh SSP director, kicked off the International Space University’s (ISU) 30th Space Studies Program (SSP17) in Cork, Ireland – hosted by the Cork Institute of Technology, CIT. In true ISU tradition, the participants, this year 112 from 26 countries, entered the Cork City Hall, in country groups carrying …

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The #SpaceWatchME Interviews: TeamIndus and Yahsat collaborate and bring lunar rover to STEM day at MASDAR Institute

In the latest SpaceWatch Middle East interview series, Helen Jameson speaks to Rahul Narayan of TeamIndus to find out more about the STEM day at MASDAR Institute and the importance of outreach programmes such as this. Inspiring the next generation is something that we talk a great deal about within …

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The Precis: UAE National Space Policy

As part of the new partnership between SpaceWatch Middle East and The Précis, a quarterly space law and policy report produced by Space Law & Policy Solutions, run by the prominent space lawyer and friend of SpaceWatch Middle East, Michael J. Listner, SpaceWatch Middle East is occasionally publishing select articles from The Précis. Reproduced here are …

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#SpaceWatchME Review: GLEX 2017 in Beijing – China is off to the stars

SpaceWatch Middle East COO Torsten Kriening took the chance to attend the Global Space Exploration Conference 2017 from June 6-9 in the Beijing International Congress Center, Beijing, China. What is known about China’s space industry and ambitions to space? Sure, we see the regular notices about successful Long March launches …

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